Using natural stone for interior design

Using natural stone for interior design has increased a lot in the last few years and can be used in all different ways, in different rooms. It helps add a touch of luxury to the decor.

using natural stone for interior design

What is natural stone interior design?

Natural stone for interior design can be used in a lot of different ways. The process we use for our natural stone not only adds strength to the otherwise fragile natural stone but our veneering process provides translucency to a wide range of natural stones. Including, onyx, alabaster, marble granite and semi-precious stones. This helps our products have a better shelf life and last longer. They are also beautiful and create an eye catching end result.

Natural stone can be used in so many different ways for home decoration. It brings a warmth and a certain charm when used as decoration, paired with some mood lighting that can be one of the most relaxing areas in your home. It can come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. So if you are completely re-doing a room or just want to add something new, there is something for everyone. It can help decorate the interior, add a luxury element and a focal point for people to admire. You can use it as a wall in the living room for a feature or even in the office. You can also look at using it in more traditional ways like counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom.

What are the natural stones?

We use both Onyx and Ammonite to help create the translucent stone panels which are used for interior design purposes. Our Onyx panels consist of a 5mm natural stone veneer which has been laminated to a translucent substrate of either glass or plexiglass.  Natural stone for interior design can give a great finish and design. Our beautiful Ammonite panels consist of slices of real natural agate that are arranged all by hand which allows bespoke designs if required. It is certainly something to know that no one else has anything like that as it is made just for you. After they are arranged then the agate slices are then covered and encapsulated with clear resin and finally polished. We offer both 10mm and 20mm thickness options depending on the application.

They are so beautifully designed and like nothing else that is part of your decor. You can enhance the natural beauty, the different natural colours as well as the depth for a 3 dimensional work of art all through having it backlit. As all natural stones are different and have different patterns, designs and accents on them when the stone is backlit and illuminated it can give the stone a sense of movement. We help to take stones to the next level.

Natural stone for interior deisgn is able to complement any decor and add something new to the mix. By using something that is natural, just like fingerprints there are no two stones the same. They have different designs and the combinations and design opportunities are endless. This is why natural stone can offer a wider variety of different possibilities when looking to decorate.

Not only do natural stones look incredible, most designers when looking to change up a space will prefer to use materials that are more natural and green. These materials have been around for such a long time which is why they are a timeless decoration and can go with everything. If you are looking for a style that is everlasting and won’t need to be updated often then natural stone is a great choice and a more sustainable product. Although timeless natural stone for interior design can be used in a modern way.

Modern design is all about simplicity and sleekness which can come from natural stone, used for floors and walls will give a luxurious modern feel as it is simple, beautiful and can be neutral or colourful depending on which stone you go for. They are also chosen for ease in cleaning as other materials can hold onto bacteria and dirt a lot easier. Natural stone needs a simple wipe clean and it’s good to go.

With interior design, natural stone offers all different options like numerous mounting designs. They are great for the entrance area for your house, living room, bathroom to hold a modern sink and so much more. The possibilities are endless. If you still need inspiration, we can give advice and ideas to help incorporate beautiful natural stone into your home decor. With a space in the home that then opens out onto your garden or patio, you can create a beautiful infinity look using the same stone inside and out. By using this design it helps create a feeling of more space by drawing the eye through the interior space in one smooth motion to your outdoor space. Then if you choose a dark stone it will help make your space stand from the rest if used in contrast to a lighter setting.

Get in touch with us to discuss what your after and speak to our experts to get advice on how we can help you with adding some eye catching natural stone to your interior.