backlit onyx

Luxury Home Interior Design

Luxury home interior design is at the forefront of many different hashtags on Instagram, countless pins and boards on Pinterest, and the subject of a variety of television reality shows. All of which is at the tip of our fingers, ready to be explored and imagined inside our own homes. Now more than ever before, all eyes are on our homes and their interior design schemes.

What is Luxury Home Interior Design?

A luxurious home is about creating a space with a one-of-a-kind look, daring to be different, and applying creativity when looking at your home’s overall design and function.

luxury home interior design

Allowing yourself to become immersed in a space that looks and feels effortless is the ultimate goal. Using sophisticated materials such as natural stone for that ultimate one-of-a-kind wow factor. You can’t beat natural stone for some really fine detail, and the more refined the detailing in your luxury home, the greater the emotive experience for yourself and your guests. Whether calming, motivational, or the impression of sheer indulgence, natural stone can help achieve your goals. 

A thoughtfully designed space can inspire and be inspired, but creativity is at the heart of achieving what you want. Throw your personality into the task at hand because, after all, authentic luxury home interior design is as much about you as it is about glamour, style, and finesse.

How to decorate a luxury home

When it comes to decorating a luxury home, it’s essential to select textures and materials that are both inviting and fabulous!

Think about the result you’d like to achieve: clean, modern lines, a zen-like spa feel, soft-furnishing heaven, or an earthy and natural outdoors-in. Irrespective of the difference between every individual’s goal, it will always be possible to switch up the textures and materials to execute the resulting high-end, luxury ambiance within your home.

One-off commissions such as art pieces or ornaments, bespoke items made specifically for the home-owner such as an unusual floor design or seating area, and rare materials or design will undoubtedly be both the envy and awe of your guests. 

A luxury home interior doesn’t tend to have matching furniture pieces, and indeed, none are mass-made. Instead, combine different finishes to create a stylish, high-end interior. 

A natural stone and metal fusion will bring a modern industrial feel, packed with grandeur and stature that will dominate your living space. Throw in some fine silk elements for a more sumptuous and warm impact without taking anything away from the impressive impact that the beauty of natural stone brings.

Lighting is essential. Whether you prefer a dark and moody design or a bright and airy feel, lighting can be used in more discreet and hidden ways or as a prominent feature and showpiece of a room.

Luxury home interior design ideas

Natural stone is considered one of the most luxurious materials for luxury home interior design, not least because of its class and elegance. An element of beautiful natural stone within your high-end interior design scheme is sure to bring a sense of rarity and magnificence to your home.

Backlit Onyx

Onyx, for example, is a glorious natural stone in its own right.

Featuring any Onyx focal point within your luxury home interior design will undoubtedly maximize the impact of grandeur and opulence that you may be looking for. Its natural tones and depths with colour and pattern variations across every cut provide exclusivity to such a degree that it would be impossible to replicate in a comparable home to yours.

Backlit Onyx, however, is taking that natural stone impact to another level altogether. By illuminating the onyx from behind, you can create an even further feeling of depth, bringing actual dimension to your high-end interior by showcasing the stone’s natural design in a dramatic and glorious manner. A stunningly awe-inspiring feature, day or night, Backlit Onyx signifies the very definition of luxury home interior design.

The Ammonite Collection

semi-precious stone slabs

The Ammonite Collection presents semi-precious stone slabs for an exquisite addition to any luxury home interior. Naturally hardy, they are resistant to scratches or staining, making this option perfect for the most used areas of the home, from floors to kitchen work surfaces.

These semi-precious stone slabs are not cut from blocks akin to onyx or granite but instead made from lots of smaller stones set in resin. It’s thanks to this process that the Ammonite Collection can offer a unique piece to feature within your luxury home, the specific pattern and colour of which will never be found anywhere else.

Given that each slab is made up of smaller, raw materials, it’s tantamount to say that the better the raw materials to begin with in terms of colour and clarity, the better the finished design of your slab. Similarly, a helpful tip to be mindful of, the fewer stones present in the slab; not only will the slab result in cheaper pricing, but you will also have a less impressive overall impact, visually.

As the semi-precious stones within these slabs are sourced from high-quality quarries worldwide, they will fall into different categories, including agates and quartz. Quartz, of course, offers some of the most popular materials used within interior design, such as White or Smokey Quartz and Amethyst. 

Agates provide some of the more vibrant options for natural stone within interior design with colours such as yellow, red, orange and brown, blue, purple, and green. Black and grey also feature within the range of colours making the Ammonite Collection a brilliantly versatile option when considering your luxury home interior design.

Lastly, the dramatically glorious Ammonite Collection’s semi-precious stone slabs offer a stunning design feature on their own. They also come with an LED backlighting which enhances their naturally attractive features dramatically and gloriously whilst adding impact to the room as a whole.