A beautiful collection of translucent stone panels that excite the imagination and create stunning designs

Sheerstone... The Premium Collection

Sheerstone… The premium collection creates translucent stone panels using some of the world’s most beautiful natural materials to create amazing works of art and features for interior design applications. Using state of the art techniques and machinery we are taking natural stone to another level. Our process not only adds strength to the otherwise fragile natural stone but our veneering process provides translucency to a wide range of natural stones. Including, onyx, alabaster, marble granite and semi-precious stones.

Our clients include Aston Martin Lagonda, The Ritz Hotel, The Dorchester Hotel and Harrods, the world’s leading luxury department store, as well as a whole host of commercial cruise liners and private clients throughout the world.

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We Ship Worldwide!

We ship Worldwide and to date we have shipped our materials to 31 different countries around the World using both air freight and sea freight services.

We use both Onyx and Ammonite to create the translucent stone panels. Our Onyx panels comprise of a 5mm natural stone veneer which has been laminated to a translucent substrate of either glass or plexiglass.

Our decorative Ammonite panels comprise slices of real natural agate that are arranged by hand allowing bespoke designs if required. The agate slices are then covered and encapsulated with clear resin and finally polished. We offer both 10mm and 20mm thickness options depending on the application.

LED Lighting Solutions

Choosing the correct lighting is as important as the material itself and is often overlooked resulting in disappointment and additional costs. We offer a range of LED lighting solutions that can be customised to your exact requirements. Our LED systems are offered in almost any colour temperature with dimming options available. Our LED solutions have been tried and tested within actual projects using our materials so we know they work. 

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Our advice is free and we can provide a full design and installation service or supply only. Our products are not considered as DIY installations. In the first instance please contact us by phone or email or complete our sample request form and we will get back to you.

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