Onyx Variation

Before requesting samples of onyx natural stone it is important to understand the following:
What to expect?

The images below showcase a 2400 x 1200 slab of onyx natural stone, overlaid with a sample-sized grid. The full image is stunning, but clearly each individual area is entirely different to the next – which means a sample will never do justice to the entire piece and in fact could be considered misleading. It is therefore of fundamental importance that we guide you through the process.

The availability of stone slabs is continually changing – which means that what is available today may not be next week. We work with natural materials obtained from multiple countries around the world.
The Process
Our stunning Sheerstone panels are created from 2cm thick slabs of onyx, marble or granite resulting in a 5mm veneer of real natural stone laminated to either glass or Perspex depending on the panel size and application. This process requires a minimum of 12 square metres (120 square feet) of slab to be conducted successfully therefore we are unable to accept orders for smaller quantities.
Note: Our process requires a minimum of twelve square metres.